There is A solution for every home 

If you like the idea of using traditional methods to heat your home in the winter, our chimney installation service will quickly allow you to get started with your stove or fire. With Fosse Fires Ltd you are guaranteed a rapid and reliable service. We install every type of flue system to suit any situation using components from the best manufacturers.

Expert installations using any flue solution

As well as the construction of new chimney systems, we can provide high quality re-linings for any situation and our professionals can offer you a rapid and reliable service using:

• Stainless steel flexible liner

• Twin wall liner (metal)

• Schiedel Isokern Chimney Systems

Whether you are looking for help to construct a new fireplace or a new chimney system for your home, you can be sure that Fosse Fires Ltd can help.  Call us on 01242 620 772 for a free onsite consultation and quote.